Some Quick and Simple Solar Lights Projects

There are several easy and quick ways to add beauty to your home or garden. Probably one of the easiest is adding solar lights. Let’s look at a couple of ideas with which you can get started.

Functional Lighting

It is common for houses have sidewalks or paths leading to their homes or to their driveway. It might be that there is a walkway used by the public that passes by the front of a home. These are perfect places to add some functional lighting to illuminate these often dark paths. Not only is it beautiful but it can help eliminate nighttime hazards.  Many paths are bordered with soft lawn or flowerbeds that are perfect for planting solar pathway lights.


This is one of the easiest of all solar lighting projects. You simply remove them from the packaging and place them into the soil of the lawn or flowerbed that lines your path or sidewalk. You can strategically place them at the heads of the path or where the path joins another or the driveway. You can also put them at the base of your staircases or landings. Since they are “green” you can use as many as you desire to illuminate the way.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative solar lights come in a host of variety’s that can really add to the nighttime ambiance of your garden. This type radiates a soft light that can give your spaces a nice glow unlike the brighter functional type. Globe lighting is a popular type of decorative lightening that can add color at night to your garden. You can place them near small shrubs or mass plantings and it will give them color even at night. Installation is pretty much as effortless as the installation of path lighting.

Another easy to use and elegant touch to the night garden is solar string lights. You hang them in the same manner that you would install Christmas lights, so even though you may never have used them before, you will find the installation familiar.  It might take a little more planning than the stake type lighting of the globes, but the effect is well worth the extra planning.


There are many ways that you can utilize these types of lights. You commonly see people use them up high along the edges of roofs or eves. Although this is not a bad idea, there are lots of other ways to utilize them as well. Have fun and experiment using them on different features of your home like suspending them along fencing or maybe on your decking. You might be surprised at what you come up with and find that you really enjoy the project.

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